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Gaining Momentum.. Business #2

Posted on January 25, 2020 at 3:10 PM

My first business was an event business. I launched my first event and felt like a champion. THEN I realised it was one event in one month. I knew I would have to do more, a lot more, to make it an actual income- earning business (and not just a hobby). 

Doing my first event gave me courage and confidence... but it also made me worried. Could I do it again? What if it didn't sell out? Stop. Right. There. As soon as you are asking questios like this, stop... and rephrase. Ask, 'How can I do this again?' and 'How come my event is sold out'.. because the brain is seeking solutions... so if you pose good questions, your brain will find good answers. 

I kept momentum going for my next events: 

1. Choose 6 dates in the next month for events. DATES: 

2. Shared on Facebook photos from first event. DATE of posting: 

3. Shared on Facebook memes/sayings that were related to my business: DATE of posting 

4. LIVE on Facebook with me - talk about my events, tell people to get their tickets: DATE of LIVES

5. Make plans for website and online store 

6. Find new venues for events 

When I started, I accepted e-transfers and cash. It WAS difficult to ensure people would attend and in the early days, I had a lot that said, 'Oh, I'll just pay cash' and then they would not show up. Lessons learned. If people have a paid ticket, that is best. 

I am such a believer in setting dates, taking steps towards what you NEED to do to keep momentum going. Set a date, write it down and then work towards it. And remember, just keep going! 

Hugs from Kris  

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