I'm Kris Fuller, the founder and CEO of Your Life Sparkles...and I think YOU are fabulous. I want you to love yourself, engage in a mindset that serves you and celebrate your strengths.  

I'm an author, artist, speaker and event coordinator. I love bold colors, loud laughs and long hugs. 

Be Kind. To yourself. 

Self care, mindset, health, self development. 

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I attended the recent ladies retreat and was so impressed. The presenters were professional and encouraging but they were also genuine, heartwarming and transparent!!  Loved It!!! ~ Matty G, Westlock, AB

I love how motivated and positive I feel after watching your videos!!! Can't wait to see you in September at your event wouldn't miss it!!! 5 Stars!! ~Alana L, Vernon, BC 

What a great day!! The perfect mix of laughter, silliness, reflection and connection and a few good deep breaths! What they have to share is worth listening to. In a society of comparison and disconnection that breeds discontentment and anxiety these beautiful women are speaking an uplifting message of acceptance and connection that we desperately need! If you get a chance, gather your ladies and spend a day with these lovely sisters! ~ Beth J, Camrose, AB  

Sparkle Sisters inspire and encourage. We want you to love yourself more! How is your health, mind and money?



Lisa is a business woman who helps women make the transition from full-time mom to successful entrepreneur. 'Success can be measured in small steps... and every step counts.' If you want to be a stay-home contributor, there are ways... (and yes! You are an entrepreneur. We need to celebrate more of who we are, ladies!). Lisa is an event organiser, facilitator and Type 1 Diabetic Consultant. 

It's the Sparkle Siblings! 3 sisters want you to love yourself more, look at your health and finances with a smile and be kind to yourself. And oh! We have a handsome brother too!



Angela is an entrepeneur, mom of 4 boys and dairy farmer! She loves helping others and can be found taking part in every bake sale, fundraiser, choir, play, sports council and basket weaving event! 'Kindness is the simplest and best quality that we as humans have'.  Angela is an event organiser, Registered Massage Therapist and keynote speaker.