Your Life Sparkles

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YOU are an incredible person. 
You deserve inspiration, happiness and joy. 
We want to lift you up, inspire and renew you! 
You are worth it. 

Our Mission Statement

We believe in creating heart-felt events wrapped in love
We believe in strong spirits, big dreams and empowerment
We are sisters who were raised with open minds, positive hearts and the spirit of serving others. 



Kris Fuller is a passionate lady boss with a mission to help women set and achieve business and personal goals in their lives. 'Just don't give up on what you really want to do!' She is a master facilitator, keynote speaker and event organiser.

If you want a positive mindset, to be able to embrace your past and to strive for your dreams.. let me cheer you on! 



Lisa is a business woman who helps women make the transition from full-time mom to successful entrepreneur. 'Success can be measured in small steps... and every step counts.' If you want to be a stay-home contributor, there are ways... (and yes! You are an entrepreneur. We need to celebrate more of who we are, ladies!). Lisa is an event organiser, facilitator and Type 1 Diabetic Consultant. 



Angela is an entrepeneur, mom of 4 boys and dairy farmer! She loves helping others and can be found taking part in every bake sale, fundraiser, choir, play, sports council and basket weaving event! 'Kindness is the simplest and best quality that we as humans have'.  Angela is an event organiser, Registered Massage Therapist and keynote speaker.