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Celebrate all that You are

Posted on January 16, 2020 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Celebrate all that You Are!! I'm a cat lover, auntie, artist, sister. I am kind, fun and friendly. There's no point in focusing in on what you are NOT... celebrate who you ARE!


I'm not a rock climber. Too bad for rocks!

I'm not a lawyer. But guess what...?... it wouldn't be for me.


Be kind to yourself. AND even more.. CELEBRATE. Let go of worry and self-doubt. Find the things that make you WONDERFUL. And celebrate those. Tell me what something that makes you who YOU are!

hugs from Kris

Love Yourself...You are Worth it!

Posted on January 16, 2020 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Good morning!! It’s a beautiful day!


How are you today? Doing great? Happy as a clam?

Or are you feeling low? Criticized? Not good enough?... You’re not alone!


Today give yourself some grace, some self love! You are doing a great job in whatever it is you’re doing! No one else can decide for you what’s right for YOU.


Take ownership for your part in situations then release whatever it is that’s bringing you down and know that you are in control of how you react, how you choose to feel for the rest of the day!


Get empowered by writing out a list of all the wonderful things about yourself and give yourself grace.


No one is perfect �� the sparkle squad loves you! ��

Hugs from Angela 

Self Care Sunday

Posted on January 16, 2020 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Self Care Sunday! What have you done for you lately?

Small things count, but make sure it's dedicated time for you. ��


If you don't feel like you have time today, schedule something for the upcoming week. Write it on your fridge, mirror or calendar. What 5-10 minutes can be just for you (longer if you can!). If you need to start small, please do! Train yourself to make yourself a priority! :)


We get it.. it can be hard with jobs, friends, spouses, kids, houses, pets, meetings, shopping, cooking, classes, fitness... all the things that fill our busy days! And, yes, they need to be tended to. ��


Just make sure YOU are on the list too. ❤️

Hugs from Kris

Take Care of your Self. And take a Selfie for goodness sake!

Posted on January 16, 2020 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

When people say post a current selfie of yourself I notice I DON’T TAKE SELFIES!


Is it because I don’t believe I’m beautiful or worthy of a selfie?


Is it because I often feel disheveled and rarely take the time for myself to LOOK NICE? (Possibly ��)


Or is because I just don’t care about selfies! ��


For me, it’s the latter of these that is true!


For 2020 I made a promise to myself to take care of ME.


Too often I’m left eating scraps, shoving my hair into a ponytail and wearing the clothes from the day before because I fell asleep in them!!#truestory #easymorning


So what does taking care of ME mean?


1. I’ve joined a fitness group of like minded ladies who inspire me to do home fitness #30minutes #icandothis


2. Shower more than once a week - there i said it out loud- I go days without showering to the point I ask myself “hmmm when was the last day I showered?” #stinkypits


3. Take the time to get dressed and brush my hair. And on SUPER DUPER GOOD DAYS do my make- up. I do enjoy painting my face. It makes me feel extra pretty


4. Read my personal MANTRAS that remind me to be ME!


Why now you ask, 42 years into my life? Why not now! Your Life Sparkles is my caveat. If I’m going to talk the walk. I better walk my talk- get my drift?


I do not begrudge my past self. She did everything exactly how she was supposed to. But I’m super excited to be me! ��


I’m excited to train my brain TO LOVE ME! To tell me I’m good. To tell me that if I quit today I’m not a failure and to get right back up and start again!


The power to believe in yourself is IN YOU!!


Start today. Train you’re brain—-




#yourlifesparkles #youareworthit

Hugs from Lisa 

I Have Time.. How to Keep Going

Posted on January 16, 2020 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)


What does this mean?


One aspect in my life I am improving is my health, fitness and nutrition. (My financial self care side is a work in progress to!) It’s not easy!


I started a home workout routine with the help of a friend @Tashagagne


Day 1: I was excited to start.


Day 2: still roaring to go.


Day 3: What is happening to me. I’m sore, I’m sooo sore.


Day 4: I want to curl up and suck my thumb and put blankets over my head. But I also don’t want to have to say to to myself and my friend - uhh I didn’t do it.... so here I am. Phone timer on checking every minute. Screaming occasionally “I can do this”.


The power to be great is in us. It’s in YOU! I believe in you so tell yourself today that you believe in yourself!


There are barriers that stop us. Fear, time, money etc.

So how do we move past these barriers to reach the YOU, you want to be?


Use your supports, people you you call friends and family, take moments to be mindful of your surroundings and happenings. Find out what is important to you and your self care.


Make a plan.


Make it simple (10 minute walk, 10 minute tea/coffee, 2 minutes of deep breathing— it all counts)


Take your first step and put your plan into action. Do what you set out to do.


And “IF” along the path you miss a step THATS OK! It’s not a failure because GUESS WHAT? The power is in you to start again. You never fail if you continue to get back up!


What got me to start my fitness self care? Believe it or not it was my new 2020 Sticky note Mantra:




Often I stress myself out saying “ I don’t have time....!” So now my mantra is assisting my mindset. I HAVE TIME!!


At YOUR LIFE SPARKLES we constantly say “train your brain”. It believes what you tell it.


So love yourself. Care for yourself! Make a plan.


#yourlifesparkles #selfcare #mantra

Hugs from Lisa 


Pre-cut Veggies Each week

Posted on January 8, 2020 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I try to start each week with fresh cut up veggies for easy access.

If your like me, the UNCUT veggies rarely get touched.


Weekly food prep is an awesome way for me to help my family choose healthy snacks throughout the week, myself included!


If I don’t have ready cut up veggies ready to eat, the cookie jar is my go to or toast! Because it’s so easy and yummy.


My mouth and brain love to eat the cookies and chocolates BUT when I do right by my body AND choose healthy, my body and brain THRIVE!!


I always feel so good when I eat well! I just wish it was easy!

Hugs from Lisa

Mad, Sad or Glad

Posted on January 5, 2020 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Grumpy. Eyes rolled. No smile.

THIS was my face when Ben suggested we take our daily walk today. I was not in the mood. Just a bit tired, grumpy and to be honest, feeling overwhelmed today.


Hubs: Wanna walk now?

Me: No. (insert face)...Definitely no.

Hubs: *says nothing*

Hubs: *says nothing*

Me: *fine* but let's go RIGHT now... (insert dramatic sigh).


So we went. He tried to chat with me but I was not having it. I even grumbled, 'I just want to walk in quiet'. That's right.

Quiet so I can mutter in my mind 'stupid walk. stupid husband. stupid snow.'


I want to tell you that the walk 'fixed it all'. It did not.

BUT a small glimmer of a smile is now with me (an hour later)...a small goal was achieved. And even though I did NOT want to.. I did it.


I'm reminded of my mom's phrase... when there was a job to do that we had to do she would say, 'Well it has to get done. You choose if you want to do it Mad, Sad or Glad'.


So, I did my walk. With Mad. Maybe a hint of Sad (definitely ZERO Glad). So, if you have a task to do that must be done... push through. You can do it.

Personal Mantra... beat the fear down!

Posted on January 2, 2020 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

It is “easy” to not believe in yourself. To allow doubt and fear to take over. To allow anxiety to steer your direction.


It all starts with one small step. One small belief. One small moment.


Stopping the disbelief, the fear, the doubt and anxiety is too much if you think it all has to end today!


It’s a journey.


How can we overcome any of these “negative” moments or thoughts?


It’s all in the small steps. Create a personal strategy. We offer small tools such as ‘ a personal mantra’ so when the voices that tell you, you aren’t good enough, you can think, speak or read your mantra to yourself until the THOUGHTS go away.


Write in a journal. Make a gratitude statement every day.


Make a daily goal- Maybe today your goal is to overcome 1 fear that has you stuck. Or it’s a goal to just allow yourself to relax.


Allow yourself grace and the knowledge that things don’t change over night. Some days you’re going to fail but it’s the days you succeed and rock at your life that you need to acknowledge. So that on the days you fail, you can say to yourself this is only 1 day.


You are wonderful. You do things no other human can do. Acknowledge yourself and your sparkle.


And in my opinion it’s love and kindness to all humans, especially ourselves that make this beautiful world go round.


Happy Monday everyone. May your journey today be awesome.

Hugs from Lisa

Resolutions are Not My Jam

Posted on January 2, 2020 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

It's Jan 2nd...

Where do you stand on New Years resolutions? If they work for you, great.�� It's a wonderful time to reset and renew.


For me, I have never really gotten on board with resolutions. I prefer to be continuous in my health and life journey.


In October, my husband I set the intention to walk daily together. With this, we are carving out time together, enjoying fresh air and creating a lifelong habit together. Are we perfect at it? No. Sometimes we only get 5/7 (once we only did 1/7!) BUT each week is a new week and we strive to be better. And it's never going to hurt us! One of my favourite things about the walk is the high-five at the end and I say 'good job, honey' (and he says it right back to me). It's such a silly, simply joy... but it makes me want that moment AGAIN!


When I have set resolutions in the past, they tend to fizzle out and then I beat myself up for *not* succeeding. What I have learned about THIS is that I never get better at something by telling myself how BAD I am.


I need a plan that is achievable and works for me. Jan 1 is just another day- yes, it marks the New Year, it has a feeling of 'fresh slate' and all that jazz, but for my life and health choices, just another day.


Do resolutions work for you? Do you use them for a jumpstart or all year? Do you do something else?


Whatever you do, as long as it works for you, that is great. Be kind to yourself. Go outside, get fresh air and give yourself a high-five. Hugs from Kris

Missing Mom and wishing I was doing it better

Posted on January 2, 2020 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Today this message is for my siblings and I. Lisa, Angela and Ryan....but I hope it resonates with others too.


Today is the one year anniversary of our moms passing. She was a teacher who touched so many and one of her great messages was that 'THIS is a Mistake-Making Place. 'Everyone is welcome here.' It was her philosophy in school AND life. Hence, my photo attached.


In the week leading up to this anniversary I cannot believe a year has gone by. It feels like only yesterday that mom said to me, 'I am so *embarrassed* that so many people are here visiting me in the hospital... what IF I don't die?!... I'll be so embarrassed...' She actually felt bad that SO many loved ones had gathered to her side...AND I told her... 'Uh, let's go ahead and LIVE.. We can handle a little embarrassment'.


We had to handle grief instead. And in this journey of 'Life Without Mom', I have made mistakes. The journey of The First Year After.


I have mis-wired my emotional outlets, I have laughed at awkward times, cried at random times and made jokes at the worst times. ❤️I have not stood up when I should have and I have fought with my sisters and brother. I even ran away (for 24 minutes... but it was very real).


I have yelled at my husband, howled at the moon, drank excessively, and berated myself for not being stronger. I have felt disappointed in myself for "not doing more" to lift my siblings up, to be there for them, to love them better. And yet, through it all, I know I stumble WITH them.


There is no 'hand book' for this (well, there are books... but there is NOT one *specifically* called 'This book is the 823 helpful tips for Kris Fuller, age 42 of Enderby BC, oldest of 4, daughter of Marie on how to Handle her passing with Grace and Perfection". Because THAT is what I wanted. To handle everything perfectly...


So I want to remind myself- and anyone who needs to hear it- that THIS is a mistake-making place. And you are not alone. ❤️


Love you, mom.

Hugs from Kris 

(NOTE this was written in October on the 1 year anniversay of mom's passing.)