Your Life Sparkles

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Ladies Day

Sept 19, 2020 
The Prestige Inn, Vernon BC


Registration begins at 9:30am 

(Scroll down to see Agenda/Schedule)

Your Life Sparkles presents a One Day Retreat for women. you will be inspired, empowered and renewed!

This event is for ALL women seeking community, inspiration, and tools to enrich their lives. Featuring Kris Fuller, Lisa Wright, and more.

Each guest also receives an exclusive 'Your Life Sparkles' journal.

There is also door prizes throughout the day AND most importantly ...time for YOU! You are worth it.

Registration starts at 9:30. Coffee, lunch, wine*, swag included. (*Note: one wine is included, then there is a cash bar available).

Featuring Kris Fuller, Lisa Wright, and TBD. 

Scroll down for more info about each guest speaker. 

Kris Fuller, Lisa Wright and Angela Boelman
You are wonderful
930 am Registration - coffee included at reception 
10:00 Welcome & Housekeeping
 2020 Sessions are still in planning stages. This agenda will be updated soon. ish. wink. 
 4:00 Thank you! Have an amazing day!

Where is the Prestige Hotel? 

4411 32 St, 
Vernon, BC 
V1T 9G8

Phone: 780 349 4483

What do I wear? 

Something you feel good in! This day is about you and we want you to come happy and relaxed. We will have a couple of stretches throughout the day to avoid butt-cheek-paralysis... but nothing strenuous (I can do it in heels! Just kidding, I don't wear heels) 

What do I bring? 

Yourself, your smile and nothing else is needed.... ahhh the peacefulness. Oh wait, we do recommend clothing. 

Can I bring snacks? 

No outside food is permitted. There is coffee (no breakfast- eat before you come!). 

Lunch IS included. 

Of course, if you have dietary concerns, we can accommodate. There's a spot for you to fill out on your ticket....let us know what you need. We care about your tummy and your health! 

Can I bring booze? 

No outside liquor is permitted. 1 Glass of wine is included per ticket. There is a cash bar available from 12:30-4:30pm

Where do I park? 

The Prestige has plenty of parking in front and along side of hotel. 

Where do I go once I've parked? 

There will be signs around the Inn. You won't miss us (one of us is very loud and boisterous..ok maybe 2 of us...) 

Can I stay at the Prestige on Friday night? Or Saturday? 

Sept 19, 2020

Presenter and Speakers

Kris Fuller CEO and founder

Kris Fuller 

Business owner, leader, unapologetically positive, under-water basket weaver. You will be energised and inspired by Kris. Her message is about how we NEED to and CAN love ourselves more.. just as we are. You will listen, laugh and wiggle in your seats with joy. Kris is our emcee for this event and she will weave it all together with love, wit and fabulous dance moves.

To read more about Kris (resume, skills, official stuff)... click here. 

Lisa Wright inspirational speaker

Lisa Wright 

Mom-preneur, household manager, and zoo-enthusiast. You will feel Lisa's warmth and sincerity every time she speaks with you. Lisa's message is how to stay stong, navigate difficult times and learn to pick up the pieces ...even when you don't think you can. You will love her authenticity, anecdotes and high-fives. 

To read more about Lisa (resume, skills, official stuff)... click here. 

Angela Boelman inspirational speaker

Angela Boelman

Registered Massage Therapist, Spartan Racer, mom of 4 boys, chocolate lover and dairy Farmer. Angela's smile is contagious and so is her laugh. You will enjoy her story of change, change, change (and we don't mean her toddlers!). Angela has a positive outlook on so many situations. You can change your stars! It's always the RIGHT time to focus on you. 

To read more about Angela (resume, skills, official stuff).... click HERE. 

2020 Speakers will be finalised soon! 

More to come...