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Starting Out ..Business #1

Posted on January 25, 2020 at 1:55 PM

You want to start a business! That's great!

It's exciting, overwhelming, nerve racking, wonderful... so many things. 

So, once you've decided...where do you start? 

There are many paths to choose, trust me. And there is not neccesarily a 'right way'. The key thing is to lay out a plan, with specific starting points, lay out a date for launch and then make it happen. Dates are very imporatant for accountability. If you don't set a timeline for yourself, it's easy to push it back, procrastinate and wait.. for just this one more thing to happen.. or whatever. 

Here is how I started my first business: 

1. CreateFacebook Page AND Group. Create by DATE:

2. Invite 50 Friends. Invite by DATE: 

3. Book 1st event. Event DATE:

4. Goal of participants at event. Participants: 10 (this is what I started for) 

Once I set those dates, I wrote them on my calendar (desk calendar, pen and paper!) 

Then I worked towards them... I wanted to succeed. Number 3 was the hardest because that would be out of the comfort of my own home. That would be me actually doing it. That would be me starting... but I did it. 

And for me, Facebook was the social platform that I felt *most* comfortable with. Nowadays, you have your choices! Start where you feel good, where your friends and community are. Over time, I added instagram, twitter, an online store and a website (Remember, this was my first business- more to come when I started my second business- youtube, merchandise, large scale events and launches). 

But in your very first endeavor, makegood plans, make them happen and as always, just keep going. 

Hugs from Kris 

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