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Take Care of your Self. And take a Selfie for goodness sake!

Posted on January 16, 2020 at 4:20 PM

When people say post a current selfie of yourself I notice I DON’T TAKE SELFIES!


Is it because I don’t believe I’m beautiful or worthy of a selfie?


Is it because I often feel disheveled and rarely take the time for myself to LOOK NICE? (Possibly ��)


Or is because I just don’t care about selfies! ��


For me, it’s the latter of these that is true!


For 2020 I made a promise to myself to take care of ME.


Too often I’m left eating scraps, shoving my hair into a ponytail and wearing the clothes from the day before because I fell asleep in them!!#truestory #easymorning


So what does taking care of ME mean?


1. I’ve joined a fitness group of like minded ladies who inspire me to do home fitness #30minutes #icandothis


2. Shower more than once a week - there i said it out loud- I go days without showering to the point I ask myself “hmmm when was the last day I showered?” #stinkypits


3. Take the time to get dressed and brush my hair. And on SUPER DUPER GOOD DAYS do my make- up. I do enjoy painting my face. It makes me feel extra pretty


4. Read my personal MANTRAS that remind me to be ME!


Why now you ask, 42 years into my life? Why not now! Your Life Sparkles is my caveat. If I’m going to talk the walk. I better walk my talk- get my drift?


I do not begrudge my past self. She did everything exactly how she was supposed to. But I’m super excited to be me! ��


I’m excited to train my brain TO LOVE ME! To tell me I’m good. To tell me that if I quit today I’m not a failure and to get right back up and start again!


The power to believe in yourself is IN YOU!!


Start today. Train you’re brain—-




#yourlifesparkles #youareworthit

Hugs from Lisa 

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