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Personal Mantra... beat the fear down!

Posted on January 2, 2020 at 4:20 PM

It is “easy” to not believe in yourself. To allow doubt and fear to take over. To allow anxiety to steer your direction.


It all starts with one small step. One small belief. One small moment.


Stopping the disbelief, the fear, the doubt and anxiety is too much if you think it all has to end today!


It’s a journey.


How can we overcome any of these “negative” moments or thoughts?


It’s all in the small steps. Create a personal strategy. We offer small tools such as ‘ a personal mantra’ so when the voices that tell you, you aren’t good enough, you can think, speak or read your mantra to yourself until the THOUGHTS go away.


Write in a journal. Make a gratitude statement every day.


Make a daily goal- Maybe today your goal is to overcome 1 fear that has you stuck. Or it’s a goal to just allow yourself to relax.


Allow yourself grace and the knowledge that things don’t change over night. Some days you’re going to fail but it’s the days you succeed and rock at your life that you need to acknowledge. So that on the days you fail, you can say to yourself this is only 1 day.


You are wonderful. You do things no other human can do. Acknowledge yourself and your sparkle.


And in my opinion it’s love and kindness to all humans, especially ourselves that make this beautiful world go round.


Happy Monday everyone. May your journey today be awesome.

Hugs from Lisa

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