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Resolutions are Not My Jam

Posted on January 2, 2020 at 2:45 PM

It's Jan 2nd...

Where do you stand on New Years resolutions? If they work for you, great.�� It's a wonderful time to reset and renew.


For me, I have never really gotten on board with resolutions. I prefer to be continuous in my health and life journey.


In October, my husband I set the intention to walk daily together. With this, we are carving out time together, enjoying fresh air and creating a lifelong habit together. Are we perfect at it? No. Sometimes we only get 5/7 (once we only did 1/7!) BUT each week is a new week and we strive to be better. And it's never going to hurt us! One of my favourite things about the walk is the high-five at the end and I say 'good job, honey' (and he says it right back to me). It's such a silly, simply joy... but it makes me want that moment AGAIN!


When I have set resolutions in the past, they tend to fizzle out and then I beat myself up for *not* succeeding. What I have learned about THIS is that I never get better at something by telling myself how BAD I am.


I need a plan that is achievable and works for me. Jan 1 is just another day- yes, it marks the New Year, it has a feeling of 'fresh slate' and all that jazz, but for my life and health choices, just another day.


Do resolutions work for you? Do you use them for a jumpstart or all year? Do you do something else?


Whatever you do, as long as it works for you, that is great. Be kind to yourself. Go outside, get fresh air and give yourself a high-five. Hugs from Kris

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