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Is a 6 minute walk worth it?

Posted on January 2, 2020 at 2:05 PM

I woke up late. I have bed head. I'm really tired.

It's one of those days where I want to go back to bed, get under the covers and just be sleepy cosy all day. ��


ONE of the problems with this is that staying in bed too long physically hurts my body. It's better if I get up!


I think about a friend of mine who specialises in Kinesiology (body movement!) and her passion for us to all just keep moving. It matters NOW so we can move when we are 60,70,80!


I believe it. Just keep going.

So even though I am tired today, I will get moving. It's my commitmment to myself. (note: my walk today was only 6 minutes. It was all I could do.) Remember this: every step counts. If 6 minutes is all you can do today, that's ok. Be proud and reset tomorrow. 

6 minutes didn't make me happy. Didn't make me feel joy. BUT it was all I could do today. So I flip that on it's head... and now I think: 

6 minutes is better than 0. 

I got outside today. 

I'm doing my best. 

Wow, that sounds a lot better than 'bad job for only 6 minutes'. And when I give myself a pat on the back for 6 minutes, it really lifts me up. Nobody ever got better at something with someone telling them how bad they are! Celebrate all small wins. 

Hugs from Kris 

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