100 Women Who Care Logistics * SALE NOT LIVE

How Does It Work? 


Option 1 

You send us a design. Prices on this site are based on ONE colour print (usually black or white). If you wish for 2 or 3 colours, email us for price adjustment. 

Option 2

You tell us what you are looking for. We design and with your final approval, send to print. 


  We create a link (to shop) for your group. 

We will email the link to you. 

Your fans buy directly on the website using credit card.

Here's a SAMPLE for you to click and see how EASY it is. ***NOT LIVE- you can view but not order***


Share the link - individuals order online directly. 

Sales open for 10 days. You pick the dates! 

Shirts will arrive to your coordinator (that's you!) 

in 3-4 weeks after closing date.


You will be sent a list of Customer names, emails, colours and sizes for easy sorting in an alphabetical chart via email. 

You will receive your fundraising funds within 

72 after orders close. 

You may choose PayPal or e-transfer (Canada only) to receive your community funds.

WE suggest ONE or TWO items - you can mix and match colours and sizes BUT each ITEM must get 50 orders for this pricing. Example:
50 T-shirts
50 Tank Tops 
50 Hoodies.

T-shirt Colours Available
This is the Unisex T-shirt.
Ladies Tee and Tank pictured below. 

Selling Suggestions
Please NOTE: This is preference pricing
ONLY for 100 Women Who Care Vernon.
You may make adjustments for pricing (what you sell for to your club) and the difference will benefit your group.

This cost is with the anticipated Pay-It-Forward in mind that your club champions. We usually do a $4 profit per
T-shirt/Tank but will donate that portion to 100 Women. 

Cost for your club (minimum 50- you can mix and match sizes and colours, but must be ALL one item. Ex. T-shirt) 
Suggested Sale Price for your Club
Profit for your Fundraiser
 Tank Top 
 Hoodie (limited colours, depends on stock)

Colour Choices will be confirmed before the sale.

Certain colours go to size 3XL and 4XL as well. 

Reviews About Past T-shirt Fundraisers

Pink Shirt Day 

This fundraiser was incredible. It was very organised, easy to order and I love that is it all done online. 

No order forms or money for teachers or office to collect. Highly recommend! 

~Moira B, Principal, Vernon, BC

Amazing! The team was great to communicate with. 
It was set up super fast- the online link was perfect for sharing on Facebook, too. ~Angela B, Westlock, AB