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Pre- Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling 

Pre-marital counseling is 5 sessions.

Each session is one hour. 

The rate is $95 + GST per session 

Total $475 + GST  

There are existing statistics that indicate there is a 30% higher success rate for married couples who engaged in premarital counseling than those who do not. Almost half of the couples contemplating marriage agree that premarital counseling is a good idea.

Marriage counseling isn't just for after you're married or when your relationship has problems. It's a smart move to go through some premarital counseling questions before you enter a long-term committed relationship, and especially when you intend to make it legal. 

A lot of premarital counseling with a professional counselor involves learning how to communicate with each other. It also uncovers differences of opinion and allows the couple to find ways to deal with those differences and learn how to make concessions. It teaches the couple how to argue and still have respect for one another.

Talking to each other openly right from the start of your marriage is the best way to build good communication strategies. And communication is one of the biggest issues that marriage partners have down the road. So, it makes sense to build the foundation for talking to each other in constructive ways before you need to tackle tougher issues.

In these sessions, we will discuss these topics as they relate to you. 

1. Meaning of Your Marriage Commitment 

2. Your Life Long Goals 

3. Your Mutual Expectations 

4. Your Living Arrangements 

5. Your Family plans

6. Money 

7. Parents and In-laws 

8. Gender Role Expectations 

9. Intimacy

10. Conflicts 

11. Spiritual Life 

12. Agreement about relationships

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