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Choose A Black Out Week

Posted on February 14, 2020 at 2:20 PM

Choose a Black out Week every month.

That is one week where you do ZERO spending. 

Not one cup of coffee, no impulse buys. Tell your friends 'no' to a lunch. Start with small training so you can manage your money better. I am even filling up with gas on Saturday so I can get through the week with a zero spend. 

For me, its often $9 here and $12 there that adds up. When I am in my blackout week, it keeps my mind on my money. It really makes me think about it. My goal is to sharpen my spending, resist my impulses and realise that the little amounts add up... faster than I realise. 

This training makes it easier for me to start to say 'no' to other times and other things. I realised I had a large entitlement feeling attached to things I bought- I deserved a new bathing suit, I needed new shoes, I could justifiy buying almost anything. Well, it was on sale, I hardly ever treat myself, it was only $16!

So many reasons to just buy it... when I need to shift to, 'what are the reasons to not buy it?' I don't need it, it's still money going out, does it align with my values and future goals. 

Small steps, big impact. Try a blackout week next month and see how it feels.  

Hugs from Kris 

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